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 Handmade Pottery Coastal  Mug - ‘Cornish Mizzle’ Mug

Handmade Pottery Coastal Mug - ‘Cornish Mizzle’ Mug


Handformed Cornish slab built folded pottery mug . Made in my Cornish Studio, Sparrows Nest.


Celebrating slow made hand built ceramics with a new folded design, clay is sourced locally from St Agnes, its hand rolled and cut inot slabs which are folded as part of the new design, that mug is then dried and fired twice to 1225 degrees C.


Inspired by those days of Mizzle in Cornwall. You pull back the curtains and you are faced with a day of Mizzle. There is only one way to cheer you up and that’s a warm breakfast with your favourite large Cornish Mizzle mug filled with warming coffee to get you going. You sit at your kitchen table, hands wrapped around your mug, fire crackling beside you, knowing that actually you don’t need to go out today... but you dog at your feet tells you a different story! Each mug is hand formed in a beautiful speckled clay. The glazes are the result of much experimentation to create dramatic landscape scenes. You will receive a mug from this series. As they are handmade no mug is the same, each one is unique in its own way, so you may or may not receive a mug from this particular photo. Approx 365-380mls. Approx 10cm in height.


Also available in the online shop in this glaze is a smaller size mug, an espresso, wax burner, matchstick holder, hanging decorations (stars and hearts), sometime i have snack, cereal and fruit bowls in stock too

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